Friday, July 12, 2019

Avatar 2 upcoming movies

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Friends Avatar was a film that changed everything in the history of the cinema. This was the first 3D movie and that's why everybody saw this movie, the result was that the film comes in number one on the earnings issue even today. The movie 'Avengers AndGame' was re-released, yet it did not break the record of the movie Avatar. James Cameron, who is considered to be one of the world's finest directors, thought that the film was too big for Avatar and because of that, the movie proved to be such a huge hit. Now James Cameron has started working on the film 'Avatar 2' and he will start shooting for this film soon.

The movie 'Avatar 2' is going to be a sequel of the first 'Avatar' and it is going to have a bigger action sequence, and VFX will also be because it is James Cameron's film. It is certain that this film is going to be something new because we know that James Cameron brings something new in every movie, even if it is a 'Terminator' film series or 'Titanic' every movie Something new is new. James Cameron's films are known for making records and this is also going to happen this time too. When the Arrangers Endgame broke the record of the film Titanic, James Cameron had said that the avengers drowned his Titanic, though James Cameron has said many times that he does not like the superhero films, but his point is clear. Now that he is going to make 'Avatar 2' with a big plan so that he can earn a record break once again.

James Cameron has written the story of 'Avatar 2' and 'Avatar-3' that both of these films can become a great film series together, and when James Cameron's direction is directed then there is no scope for suspicion. There may be some deficiency in that film. James Cameron's films are all about what they think and their written screenplay can never be over. Now if you talk about 'Avatar 2', then it is clear from now that the film is about to break all the records and it may also break the record of 'Avatar'. James Cameron has not said anything about 'Avatar 2' and the work of this film is being done in a very secret way, which makes it clear how much preparation is so great about this movie.

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