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Mahabharat in Kurukshetra War Story

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Mahabharat in Kurukshetra War Story

Why the Mahabharata War was fought on the plains of Kurukshetra… .. What is the secret of….

Friends We all know that the Mahabharata War took place in Kurukshetra. But friends, do you know why the Mahabharata war was fought in Kurukshetra? So today we will tell you through a short story the secret of it...

Friends Most people are aware that the Mahabharat war that took place between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, which took place in the field, is called Kurukshetra Maidan. But in the Mahabharata, friends have written about the Kurukshetra plain that the Kurukshetra plain was no ordinary land. But it was a very sacred pilgrimage place. This third place was believed that if a warrior receives heroic war during the war at the pilgrimage site of Kurukshetra, he will get paradise. And that is why Lord Shri Krishna chose the Kurukshetra field for the battle of Pandavas and Kauravas.

Friends today we will tell you how the plains of Kurukshetra became such a holy pilgrimage and why the warrior who died there was going to heaven. Whose facts are very interesting and full of mystery. Read this article for the end.

Mahabharat in Kurukshetra War Story

There was a king and his name was Kuru. Both Pandavas and Kauravas were descendants of this king. That is why Kauravas and Pandavas are also called Kuru dynasty. The King of Kuru had at one time started plowing a very rough land with his hands plowing. King Kuru was a devout man. That is why Devraj Indra saw King Kuru plowing on a land every day and he became very worried. And he came to King Kuru and asked why you should be cultivating this land even though you are king.

There the king replied and told Indra that I was cultivating this land so that any human who came to this land and died would get heaven. Devraj Indra did not understand this thing of King Kuru. That's why he returned to his heaven of thought. Devraj Indra was very worried to hear about King Kuru. That is why he came back to King Kurui and asked him again why you are cultivating this land.

Mahabharat in Kurukshetra War Story

Then King Kuru replied the same as he had given earlier. That anyone who dies on this earth will go straight to heaven. Devaraj Indra became more upset by hearing King Kuru's answer. But then Devraj Indra came to King Kurui several times. And the same question to the king and the same answer that King Kuru gave earlier. Indra's anxiety was greatly increased by listening to the king's answer one by one, and he came to heaven and told all the gods about Kuru. All the gods were very worried when they heard Devraj Indra. And he appealed to Devaraj Indra. That you somehow stop King Kuru. Because if he succeeds in his endeavor and human beings come to heaven without sacrificing, then part of our yajna will be lost.

On hearing this, Devraj Indra immediately goes to King Kuru and says that you should stop running your plow now. I give a blessing that all humans and animals who leave their bodies at the time of war or during war, will be the authorities of heaven.

Mahabharat in Kurukshetra War Story

When all the Duryodhan army died, Duryodhana was hidden in a lake from Kurukshetra. But the Pandavas were there, searching for help. And it was there that the battle of Bheem and Duryodhana was about to begin on the shore of the lake, where Balaram, the elder brother of Lord Shri Krishna, came there to watch the battle of his two disciples. Duryodhana and Bhima refuse to fight on the shores of the lake. And brought them both back to Kurukshetra.

Because if a person dies from both Duryodhana or Bhima, one gets Paradise. So friends today, it is said that anyone who dies in this place gets heaven. Even today, the place is considered as sacred. In the Mahabharata, whoever died in Kurukshetra, all the people have attained paradise.

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